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Causes and solutions of common line defects in TFT color screen


In the TFT LCD LCD module, according to the different formation reasons and position and shape differences, wire defects can be divided into in-screen wire defects, in-screen short circuit wire defects, inter-terminal short circuit wire defects, drive abnormal defects, etc. The phenomena and causes of each type of wire defects are shown in the following table.

Screen wire break and short circuit is usually due within the screen in the process of production dust pollution caused by factors such as, driven exception class line defect is a problem of drive circuit, several other kinds of line defects related to the process of display terminal, this a few kinds of line defects can by adjusting the driving circuit, replace the COF package/COG method line defect repair.

LCD wire defect is the most common defect. The broken line defects are mainly data line breaks. The design countermeasures of broken line repair are introduced in the design of display screen, which can greatly improve the qualified rate of products.

The repair methods are mainly divided into two design countermeasures: off-screen repair and in-screen repair.

1. Off-screen repair design for broken wires. The data signal is synchronously transmitted to the broken line that cannot be displayed normally through the cable outside the screen, so as to realize the normal work of the display screen.

2. In-screen repair design for broken wires. It can be realized by pixel design. Through the path on the borrowed pixel, the upper and lower parts of the data line break can be conducted, which can save the power amplifier OP commonly used in off-screen repair design and reduce the cost of product development. Different display mode, different path, different pixel structure, the corresponding repair design is also different.