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LCD module knowledge related to answer


From a broad sense, those who by the liquid crystal display device and integrated circuit assembly together of parts are belong to the module, but in fact, we often call module is the key to give directions array assembly of dot matrix LCD module, liquid crystal display device is special because dot matrix liquid crystal display device products in addition to large quantities of some varieties for some (such as machine translation, communication), The MANUFACTURER IS TO SUPPLY LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE DIRECTLY to the user, almost all universal dot matrix LIQUID crystal display device is processed into a module to supply the user, so it is very easy to form a liquid crystal module is dot matrix liquid crystal module misunderstanding. On the LCD data display function module related research issues for knowledge understanding, let's take a look at:

1, what is the FMLCD (black and white multi-stable cholesteric liquid crystal display)?

It is a new type of display system device with high contrast, low power consumption, wide viewing Angle and response speed controlled by pulse width. It can achieve economic and rapid response improvement and can be applied to e-books.

2. What is hot pressing product?

That is, zebra paper is pressurized and heated by hot pressing equipment for a certain time, temperature and pressure, and the screen is connected to the corresponding electrode of the printed circuit board.

3. What is TFT?

Polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor display, with high brightness, high resolution, high efficiency, low power consumption, high integration is conducive to the machine miniaturization.

4, what is SMT(Surface Mount Technology):?

Surface mount technology, which is a traditional way of mounting, has the advantages of high reliability, but the disadvantages are large volume and high cost, which limits the size of the LCM.

5, what is the TAB (Tape Amounted Bonding)?

That is, anisotropic conductive adhesive connection. The IC packaged as TCP (Tape CarrierPackage on-board package) is fixed to the LCD and PCB respectively with anisotropic conductive adhesive. This connection mode can reduce the weight and volume of the LCM, and the installation is convenient and the reliability is high.