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Monochrome LCD screen: TN screen, HTN screen, STN screen, VA screen difference and application


TN screen, HTN screen, STN screen, VA screen are monochrome LCD screen LCM products in different types. 

TN is the abbreviation of English Twisted Nematic. TN screen liquid crystal molecule distortion orientation deflection is 90°. TN products belong to a category of LCM products, the main advantages are low power consumption and rich product display data TN.STN.FSTN LCD and LCD module COB, COG, TAB, CSTN. TFT LCD module products are suitable for MP3, mobile phones, industrial display modules, handheld electronic game consoles, calculators, perpetual calendars, electronic watches, electronic pets, BP machine, electronic scale, car clock, telephone, air conditioner, multimeter, electronic notepad, car LCD remote control, radio, electronic instrument, walkie-talkie, CD, VCD and car audio. Household appliances, industrial instrument displays, such as digital multimeters, electronic sweet koji, mobile phones, calculators, fax machines, mp3, iPods, PDAs.

HTN is an abbreviation for High Twisted Nematic, a highly twisted renexual pattern of HTN screen liquid crystal molecules. The directional pattern liquid crystal molecules are sandwiched between two pieces of transparent glass, and between the two layers of glass, the orientation of the liquid crystal molecule is deflected by 110 to 130 degrees. This type of LCD is characterized by high contrast, low power consumption, low drive voltage, and dynamic drive performance is not good enough, but the viewing angle is wider than that of the TN type.

STN is the abbreviation of Super Twisted Nematic. STN screen is the electric field to change the original 180 degrees above the curvature of the liquid crystal molecules to change the optical rotation state, plus the electric field through progressive scanning to change the electric field, in the process of repeatedly changing the voltage of the electric field, the recovery process of each point is slower, thus producing afterglow. Its advantage is that it has a small power consumption and has the greatest advantage of power saving.

VA panel is now a panel type with more high-end LCD applications, which belongs to a wide viewing angle panel. Compared with TN panels, 8blt panels can provide 16.7M color and large viewing angle is the capital of this type of panel positioning high-end, but the price is also relatively expensive than TN panels, VA panels can be divided into MVA panels dominated by Fujitsu and PVA panels developed by Samsung, of which the latter is the inheritance and improvement of the former. Va panels have the highest contrast ratio of the front (orthopedic), but the uniformity of the screen is not good enough, and color drift tends to occur. The sharp text is its killer copper, with a fairly high contrast between black and white.