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How to protect OLED screen?


As we all know, the newly-bought OLED screen is covered with a screen protector. Try not to tear it off before assembling, in case scratching the screen. When tearing off the screen protector, the LCD would display several lit lines or other abnormal circumstances, which is because of the static caused by the tearing. But it can become normal after several seconds.
Water is the “ destroyer” of OLED screen. Besides not drinking near OLED screen, we should also try not to preserve the machine in the damp place, for that strong humidity will destroy the components inside the OLED screen. What’s worth notice is, during winter and summer, entering room with heat or cool air, temperature difference will cause condensation. If galvanizing the LCD in this circumstance, the electric code may get corrosion. Thus, we demand your environment temperature change no more than 10℃/10 min. Once the screen is wet, or the screen surface is covered with fog before turning on, we should use soft cloth to wipe it gently and then turn on. If the water already gets into the LCD, we should place it at a warmer place, fro example, under the lamp, to evaporate the water inside. During the rainy season, we should also remember to turn on the OLED screen timely, so as to warm up the components and dry the humidity. To preserve more perfectly, we can place a moisture repellent inside the screen bag, to create a good environment for it.

For screen protection, besides the problems we mentioned above, the life time of OLED screen is shorter than CRT, also faster the aging speed. Thus we need to pay more attention when using it. For example, turn off the screen when not using it, to reduce the loss of screen. Besides, to prolong the lifespan of OLED screen, we should also avoid strong sunlight shining straight to the screen, and try to use moderate brightness and contrast, and reduce the time of displaying fixed patterns to avoid over-aging of certain part. Last but not the least, use special soft brush, glasses cloth or ear wash balls to clean the screen, and use Isopropyl alcohol when necessary, or use Ethanol or clean water to clean the surface dirt. These skills are very helpful to OLED screen.