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LCD: A Brief Analysis of the Use of 8 inch LCD screen in What Industries?


With the rapid development of interconnection of everything, more and more intelligent products are coming into being, which boosts many components manufacturer, including 8 inch LCD screen manufacturer. As the core component of so many intelligent end products, 8 inch LCD screen plays an important role of the controlling center. Its importance is obvious to all. Now let’s talk about what fields are 8 inch LCD screen applied in.

1. Health Medical Devices
In recent years, people are attaching greater importance to health. With medical devices being lighter than the bulky model of what it used to be, and also more informationalized. Doctors can do operations via an 8 inch LCD screen, making information management more effective and convenient. 

2. Face Recognition Equipment
Face recognition includes smart access control, intelligent brake machine, most of which are 8 inch LCD screen as the display terminal. Normally selecting the configuration with high resolution.
3. Intelligent Robot
With the development of artificial intelligence, intelligent robot is widely reached. Thus, screen is needed to operate the robot. 8 inch LCD screen is a suitable one, which is with big size, high resolution and easy to operate.