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How is TFT display?


TFT display mainly consists of: Fluorescent lamp, light panel, polarizer, light filter, glass substrate, matching membrane, liquid crystal material, thin-film transistor and so on. 

TFT display also solves the problem of STN, flickering, ripples and blur, effectively enhancing the ability of displaying animation. Compared to STN, TFT display has an outstanding color saturation, color reproduction and a higher contrast. Whereas the downsides are high electricity consuming, and also the cost. 

TFT display has semiconductor switch for each pixel, each of them can be controlled directly by point pulse.8. Therefore, each node is relatively independent and can be controlled continuously, which not only improves the response speed of the display screen, but also can precisely control the display color level, so the color of the TFT liquid crystal is more true. TFT liquid crystal display is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, strong sense of hierarchy, and bright colors, but it also has the disadvantages of relatively power consumption and high cost. TFT liquid crystal technology has accelerated the development of mobile phone color screens. Many of the new-generation color-screen mobile phones support 65,536-color display, and some even support 160,000-color display. At this time, the high contrast ratio of TFT and the advantages of rich colors are very important.