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Jingda Display--LCD, LED and OLED, which hurts more to eyes?


LED display is LCD display substantially, which is LCD TV that adopts LED backlight. Whereas the LCD display we talk about, is the traditional LCD display, with CCFL backlight. The display rationale is similar. Here we take both as LCD display.
Pixel of LCD display cannot illuminate by itself, while OLED can. This is the biggest difference between the two displays. AMOLED Samsung nowadays uses is also a type of OLED. AMOLED can do screen off display, which is benefited from the characteristic of self-illuminating of OLED pixel. 
Since LCD display cannot illuminate itself, LCD display adopts blue LED backlight, with red light filter, green filter and colorless filter covered on. When blue transmit the three filters, RGB 3 primary colors is formed. But blue light cannot be absorbed by filters completely, then it will transmit the screen and form shortwave blue light. When people look at the screen for a long time, and at a close distance, their eyes will get hurt.   
Therefore, no matter which kind of screen, eyesight will get harm. We should try to avoid being exposed to mobile phone screen for too much time, and shorten the time of using phone in a dark environment.
If we must choose one that hurt eyes the most, I choose OLED. Unfortunately, Apple, Samsung and many domestic high-end mobile phone manufacturer are going to adopt AMOLED screen.