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How to choose a suitable LCD screen?


There are several tips to choose a suitable LCD screen:
High brightness: higher the brightness is, more beautiful the picture, instead of being vague. 
High contrast: higher the contrast, the more vivid and saturated the color, and it will appear three-dimensional. On the contrary, the contrast is low, the color is barren, and the image becomes flat. The contrast values vary considerably, ranging from as low as 100:1 to as high as 600:1 or even higher. 
Wide viewing range: The visual range is simply the range that can be seen clearly in front of the screen. The larger the visible range, the easier it is to see naturally; The smaller it is, as long as the viewer changes the viewing position slightly, the picture may not be clear. The algorithm of the visible range is a clear angle range from the middle of the picture to the top, bottom, left and right directions of the picture. The larger the value, the wider the range, but the range in the four directions is not necessarily symmetrical.