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Development and Innovation of LCD Panel Performance


With the continuous improvement of screen use requirements in 2021, the supply of LCD splicing screens in the market can not meet the demand. A single display device can no longer meet the demand for indoor and outdoor display screens. As an extension of display screen equipment, LCD splicing screens are spliced into a complete unit by building block splicing, Restore the displayed visual effects to the live visual scene.

Colorful display mode and intelligent user experience are the new definition of large screen splicing screen. Users can open multiple windows on the splicing screen at will, customize the window size, set the display size, fill in the display content, and expand the window to the entire video at will to truly meet the display requirements of their own will.

As a diversified display terminal, LCD splicing screen plays an important role in practicality, long service life, low power consumption, low heat, long trouble free time, low maintenance cost, and wide application range. It is widely used by many businesses. It is in the forefront of commercial display suppliers. It has completed amazing technological innovation again and again, constantly impacting the eyes of consumers, bringing consumers an unprecedented visual feast, At the same time, information visualization has also been promoted to a new height and a new era, which has quietly changed people's way of life.

Shenzhen Jingda Display Technology Co., Ltd. (Jingda-Display) specializes in the development, production and sales of display devices as one of the high-tech enterprises, established in Shenzhen in 2015.

The company is committed to the perfect integration of display and wisdom, stability overrides everything,cost-effective, stable performance of display products and display application solutions. The main products are: TFT LCD Display, OLED Display, Graphic LCD Display, Character LCD Display, TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA and other LCD, COG, COB and other monochrome LCM, small and medium size TFT color LCD screen, PMOLED and ANOLED display, RTP, CTP touch, backlight, etc.

With a development team of more than 100 people, we can design and produce a variety of display devices according to customer needs, and constantly apply more advanced technology to display devices, effectively supporting the stability of customer terminal products and market opportunities.