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Three basic components of LCD


Three basic components of LCD screen and their characteristics:

1. Glass substrate

It is a kind of float method to produce thin glass sheet with flat surface. There is a transparent conductive layer of Zn203 or Sn02 on the surface, which is ITO film. After processing, it is made into a transparent conductive pattern. If it is scratched, cut or corroded, the vacuum device will be completely scrapped.

2. Material of liquid crystal

The liquid crystal material is the main part of the liquid crystal screen. Different devices use different liquid crystal materials. Most of the liquid crystal materials are composed of several or even dozens of single liquid crystal materials.

3. Polarizer

The polarizer, also called polarized light, is made of plastic film material. It is coated with a layer of optical pressure sensitive adhesive, which can be pasted on the surface of the LCD box. The front polarizer has a layer of protective film on the surface, which should be removed when using. The polarizer is afraid of high temperature and humidity, and may depolarize or bubble under high temperature or humidity.