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Three aspects of purchasing lcd display


1、 Lcd lamp

For lcd display, lcd tube can be said to be the most important part of the whole display equipment, and its cost can generally account for half or even 70% of the cost. Therefore, the construction party usually writes the configuration of the display equipment when it lists a proposal to the customer. This generally includes the brand, size and related products of the pipe core. Alas, actually speaking of this, the first mystery appeared. For the tube core on the market today, although the function may not be much worse. But different brands have different prices. Therefore, when understanding the scheme, regardless of the configuration. We should also carefully consider the brand characteristics.

2、 Lcd display steel structure

For display structure, its proportion in the overall cost is basically the same as that of the drive mode. But in terms of equipment configuration, there is also a wealth of knowledge. For example, on the box of equipment, some equipment are simple cases, and some seem simple but waterproof cases. For different types, their differences are mainly reflected in whether they have a back door and the thickness of the box.

In addition, there are many differences in the choice of structure, whether to choose modular splicing or to fix the lamp plate directly on the box plate. If it is a modular type, it is easier to disassemble, so it is more convenient to repair. If the box plate is directly fixed, it is obviously necessary to improve the maintenance difficulty of the equipment.

3、 After sales service

The after-sale service of lcd display devices is also the most easily overlooked part. Maybe a lot of users will think that it's OK to adjust things, and what's the after-sales service. In addition, sometimes the dealer tells us that our equipment is good. After sales is basically about furnishing Yunyun. Therefore, they also used the after-sales service as a decoration. But in fact, due to the trouble of LCD disassembly and high technical content, the after-sales link is obviously more important than ordinary electrical equipment. Nowadays, many manufacturers promise how long they will have after-sales service, but most of them send the faulty equipment back to the manufacturer for repair. Let's not comment on the scale of these manufacturers, but for users, if we can find the bad points and deal with them ourselves, do we still need to send them back? What is such a promise?

Therefore, when buying an LCD display screen, it is no longer the same as buying a TV in the past. Simply understand the price and pay the bill. We should not only compare the scale, brand and reputation of the manufacturer, but also pay special attention to after-sales service. The subsequent use and maintenance of the product will avoid many unnecessary troubles.