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LED screen with small spacing moves towards integration


The upgrade requirements for single-screen small-space LED large-screen products and important products facing the conference room scene: namely, the main problem faced by existing engineering displays and small-space LED enterprises is "how to display better". However, in today's intelligent interactive conference market, single-screen small-space LED conference display device should be a perfect function.

It is not only necessary to integrate the touch function required by the single-screen LED display device with small spacing, but also to achieve better interaction. It should adapt to the needs of the smart conference market, integrate intelligent computing functions, embed multiple conference function software, integrate necessary camera, microphone and other sensor components, and create "one person" products.

In other words, the small spacing LED on the screen of the venue indicates that "it is no longer a splicing project". It has evolved into a super intelligent device. Especially for the future 5G application scenario, many single-screen LED devices of the application innovation conference for remote video demand, remote interaction demand, intelligent office and remote office scenario must become the new category of "software definition function" and "cloud service definition function".

"Including new technology stores, new application ecology, and new design concepts!" The single-screen small-space LED products in the conference room are bound to be "challenging industry issues". Industry insiders emphasized that LED emphasized the growth of the market, mainly because technological progress led to product growth under "new application solutions". The same is true of the current conference picture and the future home color TV. In the past, the same is true for smart dispatching center screen applications and transparent screen digital bulletin applications.

Therefore, the problem of "software definition" is a new challenge for small-space LED enterprises. However, small-space LED enterprises have been responding to the product innovation challenge of this "new scenario" in the past 10 years. The industry is confident to successfully complete this task and provide the best "integrated, integrated" multimedia video equipment guarantee of the same kind for the mayor/market of the conference, especially in the era of intelligent conference.

To sum up, P0 of LED screen with small spacing. The X era will become another wave of "innovation scene"! Under the guidance of product technology upgrading, the industry's siege of "new space" has begun. To provide new designed products for prudent, scientific and novel customers and applications, the growth peak of small spacing LED products will always be "the future"!