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What are the factors that affect the power consumption of monochrome LCD civilian screen?


What is the power consumption of monochrome LCD screen? What are his influencing factors? When purchasing a monochrome LCD screen, we usually consider the power consumption. Now let's briefly discuss its power consumption and several factors affecting power consumption.

The power consumption of monochrome LCD screen is usually related to four factors (excluding external components): LCD screen size LCD screen type chip type backlight LED number.

1. The size of the LCD screen is actually composed of lines inside the LCD screen. The larger the size of the LCD screen, the more the content will be. The key is that the distance between the lines will become longer. Therefore, the larger the size, the greater the power consumption.

2. LCD screen types LCD screens can also be classified. Generally, customers can often hear the difference between low impedance and high impedance of LCD screens. The so-called low impedance and high impedance refer to the resistance value of the internal wiring of LCD screens. The lower the resistance value, the lower the natural loss current, and the lower the power consumption.

3. Chip type The chip type here is not directly related to the power consumption of the LCD screen. What the chip looks at is its load capacity, which is often ignored by many unprofessional people, resulting in bugs and hidden dangers in the LCD screen designed! When we design the LCD screen, we should take into account the matching between the chip and the glass. For example, the full-load driving power consumption of a LCD screen needs 100 μ A, while the maximum power consumption of the chip only supports 80 μ A. When the produced LCD screen needs full-screen display, there will be some unexpected problems such as no display, missing lines, and reduced contrast.