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What are the main parameters to consider when purchasing a dot matrix LCD display screen


In the last century, scientists discovered that charging liquid crystals would alter the molecular arrangement of the liquid crystals, causing refraction and distortion of light. After repeated testing, dot matrix LCD liquid crystal displays were officially introduced to the public. Liquid crystal state is a state between a solid and a liquid. What are the parameters to pay attention to when purchasing a lattice LCD display screen?

1. Response time

The display response time of a suitable dot matrix LCD screen is generally expressed in milliseconds (ms), which refers to the response speed of the LCD screen to the input signal. The shorter the response time, the more accurate the teleportation moving game screen will be, and the higher the accuracy of the screen definition will be. The increase in contrast of dot matrix LCD displays enhances the sense of hierarchy and distinguishes between light and dark, making it easier for users to see the scene in gray and dark conditions.


The term HDR for dot matrix LCD display screen refers to the way in which contrast and color accuracy are dynamically presented based on the scene situation. For example, in a black scene for movie game players, a regular display screen is almost completely black, but on the recommended dot matrix LCD display screen with HDR, some scenes in the dark can be seen, which is roughly called "bright black". To achieve HDR technology, displays must have relevant hardware design, which will affect price performance. The color gamut of dot matrix LCD liquid crystal displays also affects the price, and the sRGB color gamut is already sufficient for ordinary users and has received support from most displays and software. Adobe RGB and Apple RGB color gamut are more commonly used on displays or software, targeting designers, artists, and other professionals. These two color gamuts are not suitable for users to use in general life.

The above are the main parameters that need to be considered when purchasing a dot matrix LCD display screen. When choosing a dot matrix LCD display screen, it is also necessary to consider it based on one's own actual situation. The above parameters need to be emphasized, and the factors that need to be considered for work and leisure entertainment are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to consider various factors when making a purchase.