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TFT LCD screen manufacturer (Jingda Display) provides multiple connection methods, making it easier for you to set up


With the continuous development of technology, TFT liquid crystal screens are increasingly widely used in the electronics industry. As a professional LCD screen manufacturer, Haifei Zhixian provides multiple connection methods in product design for the convenience of customers' use and settings. In addition to the well-known RGB, MIPI, LVDS, etc., this article will introduce other connection methods and advantages of Haifei Intelligent Display's TFT LCD screen.

1. HDMI interface

HDMI interface is the most commonly used connection method in TFT LCD screens, which can support high-definition video and multi-channel audio output. Haifei Intelligent Display's 1FT LCD screen products are equipped with HDMI interfaces, which can meet the needs of most users. In addition, Haifei Intelligent Display has optimized the transmission performance of the HDMI interface and adopted dual LVDS technology to improve image quality. At the same time, it supports 1080P high-definition video output, providing users with a good visual experience.

2. VGA interface

VGA interface is a traditional video output method that can transmit analog signals and is suitable for thousands of old devices. Nevertheless, VGA interfaces are still widely used in various fields. For users who need to connect to old Japanese devices, Haifei Intelligent Display provides a VGA interface for convenient use.

3. DVI interface

DVI interface is a relatively new digital video output method that can support the transmission of digital video signals. Compared to the VGA interface, the signal transmitted by the DVI interface is more stable and the output is clearer. The TT LCD screen of Haifei Zhiya also provides a DV interface to support the transmission of digital signals.

4. DisplayPort interface

The DisplayPort interface is a next-generation digital video output interface that supports 4K resolution and multiple audio outputs. The DisplayPort interface has high transmission speed and bandwidth, while also supporting multi graphics card technology. The TFT LCD screen of Haifei Intelligent Display also provides a DisplayPort interface, bringing users a more convenient and efficient connection method

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