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Shenzhen Jingda Display Technology Co., Ltd. brings you an introduction and usage of LCD strip screens


Touch screen is a new type of input device that can control devices such as computers, phones, tablets, etc. through touch operations. With the continuous development of technology, touch screens have become an indispensable part of modern life. The advantages of touch screens mainly include the following aspects:

1. Convenient and fast: The touch screen operation is simple and intuitive, without the need for devices such as a mouse or keyboard. It can be operated directly with your fingers, making it very convenient and fast to use.

2. Space saving: The touch screen does not require additional devices such as a mouse or keyboard, which can save desktop space and make the work environment cleaner.

3. Strong interactivity: Touch screens can achieve more intuitive interaction, allowing users to operate the screen directly with their fingers, making it more natural and smooth. 4. High reliability: The touch screen has a simple structure and no mechanical components, which can reduce the failure rate and prolong its service life.

Touchscreen Youda P280IVN01.1 is a 28 inch LCD strip screen produced by Zoomlion Display and Control, dedicated to serving the North China market and widely used in various fields, such as smart homes, medical equipment, advertising machines, self-service terminals, and so on. On mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, touch screens have become standard features.

Shenzhen Jingda Display Technology Co., Ltd. (Jingda-Display) specializes in the development, production and sales of display devices as one of the high-tech enterprises, established in Shenzhen in 2015.

The company is committed to the perfect integration of display and wisdom, stability overrides everything,cost-effective, stable performance of display products and display application solutions. The main products are: TFT LCD Display, OLED Display, Graphic LCD Display, Character LCD Display, TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA and other LCD, COG, COB and other monochrome LCM, small and medium size TFT color LCD screen, PMOLED and ANOLED display, RTP, CTP touch, backlight, etc.

With a development team of more than 100 people, we can design and produce a variety of display devices according to customer needs, and constantly apply more advanced technology to display devices, effectively supporting the stability of customer terminal products and market opportunities.