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Transflective display technique can ensure visual health


OLED is popular among many applications. Part of the reasons are that they have high illuminance and contrast (high visibility under various light conditions), also the vivid true color. However, some experts worried that strong light (esp. Blue light)would do harm to people’s health.  

In fact, why e-reader ( e.g. Kindle, Nook) becomes popular is on the ground that transflective technique is not causing tiredness to our eyes. Human vision is able to perceive light reflected from surfaces around us (for example, from sunlight). For example, a red apple looks red to us because all other wavelengths of light (green, yellow, indigo, etc.) are absorbed, while only the red wavelength spectrum is reflected from the apple to our eyes E-paper displays reflect light back to our eyes, just like the printed paper of a book, so our eyes can perceive it more naturally. New reflective LCD(RLCD) displays are also being developed that take advantage of versatile and cost-effective LCD technology and its well-established manufacturing supply chain, and utilize reflective technology (e.g., from front-lighting) to reduce the glare directly into our eyes.

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