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The Advantages of OLED



Owning the polarizer and glass, LCD is much thicker than OLED. Therefore, OLED screen can make thin displays very easily. 

Degree of Bending:
Also for the reason of polarizer and glass, LCD cannot bend in a large degree.Some curved screen can bend but you will find that all are not in a large degree. But OLED can even fold like a piece of paper. 

Contrast means the ratio of black and white, with higher the contrast, richer the color. Because of the backlight, LCD cannot display a pure black, so the contrast cannot be as high as OLED, whose black is not lit, and part of the pixels in the black area can be turned off, black can be almost zero. Thus, contrast of OLED can reach infinite!

For all of the above, OLED has a better visual effect and a more exquisite appearance.
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