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Jingda Display tells you why LCD screens are more eye friendly?


Nowadays, people spend more and more time using their phones to stare at their screens, which has also led to a new problem, which is the balance between using phones and eye protection. Many people have learned that mobile phones with LCD screens are more eye friendly. What is the principle behind this?

The LCD screen has a much smaller eye irritation than the mainstream OLED screen used in the previous generation of mobile phones. This involves two concepts, namely DC dimming and PWM dimming. DC dimming adjusts the screen brightness by controlling the current to avoid frequent screen flicker, thus naturally reducing eye irritation. PWM dimming utilizes the visual persistence characteristics of the human eye to accelerate. Turn the screen on and off. To achieve eye protection through this deceptive method. However, PWM dimming has an obvious flaw. If the screen brightness is low, why would it be even more severe? Looking at a phone for a long time can also cause discomfort in the eyes.

The reason why LCD screens are more eye friendly is because they do not emit light themselves, but rely on the underlying layer to complete image output. They have backlight, and the screen brightness can be directly adjusted by adjusting the current. OLED screens are difficult to control, resulting in varying levels of brightness and reduced color accuracy.

Although LCD screens protect the eyes, their color saturation and degree of restoration are more accurate, and the most crucial thing is that their cost is lower. Many young people in the population who use mobile phones have been using them for a long time, and after starting mobile games, they usually look at the phone screen for several hours continuously. This also explains why mobile phones with LCD screens are more popular among young people.

From this information, an answer can be compiled. If the target audience of mobile phone manufacturers is the long-term user of mobile phones or the young population, then the advantages of LCD screens in eye protection are unmatched by other screens.

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