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The irreplaceable environmental protection of LCD screens - Jingda Display


It has been over fifty years since LCD screens were widely used, and they have undergone rigorous market testing and precipitation. The reason why it can also have such a high sense of existence must have irreplaceable advantages. This article discusses the irreplaceable advantages of LCD screens from an environmental perspective?

Firstly, liquid crystal screens (LCDs) are doing well in energy conservation, and both end-users and industrial equipment manufacturers hope that their products can save electricity. Compared with traditional CRT, its advantage is more obvious. The standby power of the LCD screen is less than 0.5 watts, and the power consumption is saved by nearly 30%. The larger the screen size, the more obvious this advantage becomes. A 17 inch LCD typically consumes around 40 watts of power, while CRTs of the same size consume up to 80 watts, saving nearly 50% of power consumption.

Another characteristic of LCD screens in terms of environmental protection advantages is that they are non radiative. Firstly, in terms of materials, they themselves have environmental friendliness. Usually, displays made of low-pressure microcrystalline silicon materials are green displays, and there are no harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury that are harmful to the human body. More importantly, the LCD screen will not generate electromagnetic radiation during operation.

Similarly, compared to CRT, CRT displays information on a fluorescent screen through high-speed electron flow, which easily generates a large amount of electron rays. Moreover, the high-voltage wire package in the picture tube itself has a high magnetic field, which can generate radiation, especially on the side of the display. There is no high voltage inside the LCD, mainly displayed through the light source behind it. There is no high voltage or electron flow, and naturally there is no radiation.

The two major environmental advantages of LCD screens, low power consumption and no radiation, have created their irreplaceable position. LCD itself can be divided into multiple types, with different manufacturing cost characteristics, which can meet personalized needs.

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