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Extending the lifespan of LCD modules is not difficult, just pay attention to two aspects


As an important component for visually displaying information, extending the lifespan of LCD modules can avoid many troubles and save manpower and financial resources. It is not difficult to extend the service life of the LCD module. Taking the lattice LCD module as an example, its display contrast and viewing angle are mainly affected by temperature and power supply. As long as the appropriate values for these two aspects are found, the goal can be achieved.

Liquid crystal materials often change with temperature changes, so the most basic thing is not to use liquid crystal modules outside the safe temperature range. If the specified temperature range is exceeded, even during the storage phase alone, it can lead to the crystallization or transformation of the liquid crystal, leading to the disruption of molecular orientation and the inability to accurately display information.

Temperature control should not only be reflected at the storage level, but also be dynamically managed during use. According to past experience, for every 10 degree change in temperature, the voltage changes by 1 volt. Therefore, when using LCD modules, a potentiometer or temperature compensation circuit should be arranged to adjust the voltage value at any time.

The power supply that the LCD module comes into contact with is also directly related to its lifespan. When connecting the power supply, the logic power supply should be connected first and then the driver power supply. When disconnecting the power supply, the driver power supply should be disconnected first and then the logic power supply. This is a point that many inexperienced people tend to overlook. This ensures that the components will not be subjected to strong voltage surges when powered on or off, which is also why many professionals use DC to DC power sources as driving power sources. In addition, it is necessary to input the signal level during the stable period of the power supply, otherwise it may damage the IC and circuit.

To extend the service life of LCD modules, in addition to using appropriate temperature and power supply, incorrect operations should also be avoided during operation, such as connecting the wrong or negative power line. This seemingly difficult low-level error is also the main cause of LCD module damage.