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The Application of Segment Code Screen on Money Counting Machine - Jingda Display


The application of segment code screen on the cash counter is to display the operating status, counting results, and other related information of the cash counter. A segment code screen is a digital display screen composed of multiple seven segment digital tubes or LEDs, each of which can display numbers between 0 and 9.

On a cash register, the segment code screen is usually used to display the following information:

1. Counting results: The segment code screen can display the cumulative counting results that have been completed by the cash counter. This allows the operator to quickly view the quantity of banknotes that have already been counted.

2. Operation status: The segment code screen can display the current operation status of the cash counter, such as running, stopping, pausing, etc. This helps the operator to understand the working status of the cash register.

3. Error message: If the cash counter encounters an error or abnormal situation, the segment code screen can display the corresponding error code or prompt message to help the operator determine the problem.

4. Settings and Options: The segment code screen can also be used to display the settings and options menu of the cash counter. Through the menu interface, the operator can perform some configurations, such as selecting currency, setting batch counting, etc.

In short, the application of segment code screen on the cash counting machine is mainly to provide intuitive digital display, so that operators can conveniently monitor and control the operation status and counting results of the cash counting machine.