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What is the difference between a dot matrix screen and a code break screen in an LCD screen?


LCD liquid crystal screens have been widely used in various industries, resulting in a variety of types, mainly including: character dot matrix LCD screens, graphic dot matrix LCD screens, broken code LCD screens (segment code LCD screens), OLED LCD screens, and so on. These LCD screens are used to display information on the device, and each type of LCD screen has its own differences. So what is the difference between a dot matrix screen and an LCD screen, and what is the difference between a segment code screen and a dot matrix screen? Today, the editor takes you to Shenzhen Jingda Display Technology, a manufacturer of LCD screen modules, to learn more.

1. What does a dot matrix LCD screen mean

Dot matrix LCD screens are arranged in a certain order and rule, and commonly used include graphic dot matrix LCD modules and character dot matrix LCD modules. It is composed of many points, which can be controlled to display text or graphics, and can achieve screen scrolling up, down, left, right, and animation functions. For example, a 12864 dot matrix LCD screen has 64 dots vertically and 128 dots horizontally, resulting in a total of 128 * 64 dots.

2. What does a segment code (broken code) LCD screen mean

Segment code (broken code) LCD screen, also known as pen segment LCD screen, refers to a fixed LCD screen that is displayed or not displayed at a designated position. It can only be used for simple display of numbers and characters, mainly replacing LED digital tubes (composed of 7 pen segments, used to display numbers 0-9). Widely used in: automotive instruments, beauty equipment, small household appliances, watches, electronic scales, clocks, landlines, calculators and other products, the display content is relatively simple in numbers.

3. The difference between segment code screen and dot matrix screen

The main difference between dot matrix screens and break code screens is that segment code LCD screens can only display characters and numbers, while dot matrix LCD screens can not only display numbers but also Chinese characters and images. Break code LCD screens are also much cheaper in price.

In summary, dot matrix screens and segment code LCD screens each have their own strengths in terms of functionality, and as for which one is better, it mainly depends on the needs of consumers.

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