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What is the Character LCD display?


The Character Screen is a display screen composed of one or multi-line character, which can indicate numbers, and character. The resolution ratio of the character screen is higher than that of the segment code screen.

In the character screen, LCD1602 liquid crystal display is a widely used character type liquid crystal display module. The 1602 character LCD, also known as the 1602 Liquid Crystal, is a dot matrix LCD module specifically designed to display letters, numbers, symbols and so on. The Character LCD display--the capable of displaying 16x2 that is 32 characters simultaneously.

Each dot matrix character bit can display one character, with a dot spacing between each character and a spacing between each line, which plays a role in character spacing and line spacing. Therefore, Chinese ideograph or more complex ones can’t be displayed.

It is composed of a character type liquid crystal display screen (LCD), a control driver main circuit HD44780 and its extended driver circuit HD44100, as well as a small number of resistor, capacitor components, and structural components assembled on a PCB board. The LCD1602 chips manufacture by different manufacturers may vary, but the usage method is the same. In order to reduce costs, the most of manufacturers directly attach bare sheets to the board.