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The connection method of 1602 Character LCD Display-JDA Display


There are two types of connections between LCD1602 and Micro-controllers, one is direct-control, and the other is indirect control. The difference between the number of data lines used in knowledge is not the same, and everything else is the same.

1.Direct control method

After connecting the 8 data cables and 3 control cables E, RS and R/W of LCD1602 to the micro-controller, they can work normally.

In general applications, only commands and data are written to the LCD1602, so the R/W read/write select control end of the LCD1602 can be directly grounded, which can save 1 data line. The VO pin is the LCD contrast debugging end, usually connected to a 10k Ω potentiometer to achieve contrast adjustment. It can also be adjusted by grounding an appropriately sized resistor from the pin, but the size of the resistor should be determined through debugging.

2. Indirect control method

The indirect control method, also known as the four wire working mode, which is a way to simplify the circuit interface by utilizing the 4-bit data bus function of HD44780. In order to reduce the number of connections, only adopt pins DB4~DB7 to communicate with the micro-controller, transmitting the high 4 bits of data or commands first, and then the low 4 bits. Adopting four wire parallel port communication can reduce the demand for micro-controller I/O. When the I/O resources of the micro-controller are tight during the product design process, this method can be considered.