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ISO Certification-- Jingda Display Company


Jingda Display Company is a manufacturer of LCD/TFT/OLED displays with professional experience in this field for many years. We can provide various LCD display modules according to clients’ needs. Our company is committed to the perfect integration of intelligent technology and display technology, and can provide customers with highly cost-effective display technology show the product and display application scheme.

Our company has passed ISO certification. The certification is valid to the following product and service sales of display parts and electronic products. This further enhances our brand reputation and meets the requirements of our products. To enhance our quality and service, we gain the certificate to better protect our customers

The main products are small and medium size liquid crystal display (LCD), monochrome and color (TFT) display modules, OLED display modules, touch screens, control panels, backlight, etc. Wide range of products. It is widely used in power, power, medical, communication, vehicle, finance, smart home, instruments, digital, wearable, and other fields.

We are committed to providing customers with superior products and services and have obtained ISO and other related certificates. To build a solid bridge of trust between both sides, ensuring long-term stability, cooperation, and win-win development.