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What Is Graphic LCD Displays?


There are variuos LCD display types, today we'd like to learn about the what's graphic lcd display?

A Graphic LCD display is just as its name implies. This LCD module is able to display images, letters and numbers that are generated through the customer’s software. Dot Matrix displays are identified by two sets of numbers. An example of this is a 128 x 64. This display contains 128 dots along the X axis, or horizontal, and 64 dots along the Y axis or Vertical. Each of these dots, sometimes referred to as a pixel, can be turned ON and OFF independently of each other.

Besides, graphic LCD display also referred to as a monochrome graphics LCD displays or dot matrix LCD displays, have been in use for several years. The technology is older than current cutting edge displays but it is by no means becoming a ‘Legacy’ type of display. In fact, look for this display to increase in popularity. Graphic LCD displays do not offer color options such as a TFT or OLED. They display graphics in one color and require less power to operate.

What are some of the markets that make use of Graphic LCD Displays?

Any application that needs to display more than just letters and numbers can make use of a Graphic LCD display. A crane manufacture provides a display that shows the position of the crane’s boom as it moves from ground level to full extension.

The three types of fluid that are available for use in a Graphic LCD Display is FSTN, STN and TN. Though TN and STN are rarely used on Graphic LCD Display. The primary reason is that FSTN offers a wider viewing angle and a shaper contrast. It is possible to substitute STN or even TN for FSTN to save cost, but the lower performance rarely justifies the cost savings.

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